Blog thang!

Hi there I’ll be honest and say that this is a test blog post. However, I wanted to get some input from  you guys about the site and let you know what’s been changed. First of all, the entire layout has been changed and there are a few more social buttons to click below my header there. There’s twitter, email (don’t email me yet, please. Fixing my email up to work), youtube, instagram, reddit, twitch, and some button I played with called “website” which I might use for something else like Discord,  Mixer or Patreon or something seeing as they don’t give options for those three in this theme. I’m going to poke the developer of the theme (site layout thingy) and see if they can add that, or if there’s a thing I missed as I just started playing with it.


Anyway, this page is meant for blogs of IRL things so I’ll get some stuff on here soon. I’m very likely going to add ridiculous stories from my every day life as I tend to attract weird occurances all day every day so this will start to become a thing. It was recommended that I make these stories a vlog on my Youtube channel, but I’m thinking I’ll put the stories here first, and then maybe vlog….maybe….not too sure about that.


I also might add stuff to the site like a convention adventures page where I add pics and stuff from conventions, and possibly videos and stuff of those adventures. I especially want to do something for the Minecon panel I was on as that was pretty crazy and I’m sure someone out there would want to know what it’s like to be part of a panel, or how to begin with panel…ing…is that a word? Too bad it’s a word now!


Okay I shut up nao. Expect things on here soon like!